The various activities have been done in the previous years and the following years for the needy people mainly of Sundergarh District of Odisha state to cope up with the fast changing world and Indian scenario.

Old Age care

“ Man, though created by and in the image of God, is not like God Himself but becomes old and helpless in the passage of time and desperately needs someone to take his care. Thus comes the need of an... "Old age care”.

We worked on the OLD AGE CARE department and helped them out with their problems of poor health due to aging as well as some of their personal problems that they face. The medicines like vitamins B complex, calcium lactate have been distributed after a very close examination of their health by our team. Medicines for malaria, for common fever (paracetamol, nise), and for dysentery, headache, vomiting are always kept for the use of local people surrounding the office. We supply the medicines to other districts too where we find suitable volunteers to look after the old aged people. This team comprises of 1 doctor, 2 nurses and 1 pharmacist and volunteers. As many as 56 people were inducted by our health camp that we put on periodically with an interval of 6 months approximately. In the health camps we have been insisting upon common diseases that occur due to malnutrition as well as bad eating habits and carelessness. Trend of blood pressure of the old people is analyzed periodically, and necessary precautions advised. Urine sugar, blood sugar and eye sight are also checked periodically and are advised accordingly. We have been guiding them about cleanliness, hygiene, and health related issues that they have and how could they avoid it. The various medicines such as vitamin complexes like B complex etc and some calcium tablets like calcium lactate had been distributed to the people there with the dosage to last long enough before our next campaign.


Woman Self Help Group

As women are the most important part of the society we have been working in WOMAN SELF HELP GROUP which helps them to be a bit of self independence which can help them as an additional income for their family. We teach women on various articles like stitching, cooking for commercial use, painting and various other deeds to make them an active part in their society and have a helping hand in their houses. Through our Mobile Health Camps we teach and induct them about the various issues that a woman faces in her day to day life. We teach them how to take care of their children and various things to be taken care of as their child grows. We also induct them about the various personal health related issues that the woman faces in her day to day life. We have been constantly trying to impart education to women so that they can handle situations themselves. We have been teaching and inducting them about the HIV related issues which have created havoc in our country. We also insist them about the fact of SMALL FAMILY AND HAPPY FAMILY. We believe that if women are educated then they will look forward more carefully for the education of their children because the impact of a mother is very high in the brain of a child.

Children Development Programme

We are also dedicated on CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM through which we are insisting their parents to send them to schools and make them study. We also take up child health as our motive and have a periodic checkup of their health. We have been constantly distributing books and uniforms to them as an encouragement to go to schools and provide fooding to them as to create an interest to go to school and also as to have their good health. We are providing them with extracurricular skills which help them to grow up mentally and be mentally strong and become fit for competition and also to make learning full of joy. We have been creating awareness among people about child marriage and child labour so as to abolish them in their society. We try to make the child's tender age filled with happiness so that they try to contribute for their society and country later on. Later on we try to expose them to the modern world all around them so that they try to catch up with the pace of the changing scenario and they try to pursue their own careers in their field of interest. We take special attention and care for the orphans and Widows.

Agricultural Training Programme

We do take up the AGRICULTURAL TRAINING AND PROGRAMMING to make them aware of the various changing technology in agricultural departments so that they can increase their yield for their own use and also have the commercial use of their crops to uplift the income of their houses. We have been constantly teaching them about the HYV seeds and the modern fertilizers and their dosage to the soil and also the various tips and techniques to maximize the crop production. We teach them with various irrigation techniques to minimize wastage of water and also how to store water for the dry season and also the rain water harvesting techniques as storage in the form of underground water system as the answer to the challenge the dry weather and drought conditions that may prevail. We try to fund them and encourage them to make their land produce as it had never produced before. We also help them in knowing the soil conditions and help them to analyze the soil conditions themselves so that they can help themselves and their friends all over the place and increase their per capita income.

Eradication Programme

We also do take programs on ERADICATION of various myths and beliefs that has led to superstition in our society and have been one of the reasons of their as well as our and country's backwardness. We also try to eradicate the differentiation amongst the cast and creed, colour and sex. We have been actively campaigning against female infanticide and this had proved out with fruitful results. We are tying to EMPLOY the people by insisting and assisting the various cottage industries and schemes and doing some needy to the SC, ST and OBC category without neglecting deseving general class people. As also we teach them about the other ways of additional income like poultry, bee-keeping, fisheries, tanks etc. We also teach them about the rights given to them by the constitution and also generate DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP amongst the youth leaders through the knowledge of population explosion, pollution and its control, illiteracy, up-liftment of women in society, social evils, health, family welfare, sanitation, and many more. We have also been campaigning on the mass immunization and vaccination on various diseases.

Blood & Eye Check-Up Camps

We have also been organizing campaigns for the BLOOD and EYE checkup camps by the youths. we are keeping records of blood group and RH after we test find out. We also organize the film shows with publicity unit topics especially on social awareness themes and documentaries. We try to collaborate and affiliate with voluntary agencies and the relief programs. We receive aid from the central and state government and also some of the foreign funding agencies, corporate and private bodies and other autonomous bodies for implementation of its projects and utilize efficiently the funds and grants by the government.